Westminster Church Street

Its a hugely cost-effective way for making the area and its developments transparent to all.

It remains the best available method of quantifying social capital in order to inform funding and other planning decisions.


Westminster City Council


To demonstrate the impact of Arts and Culture organisations in the Church Street ward, indicate the value of their networks and enable this sector to have a greater involvement in the redevelopment of the area. Westminster lacked current data on this particular cohort and wanted to explore methods of working more closely with them and better aligning future plans with area need and priority.


Mapify tested various digital tools with community groups and leading organisations. We provided illustrations of local networks, support structures and an early asset map of the ward. Our team engaged heavily with the community and carried out a number of in depth surveys with leading organisations and community members. We also provided services in storytelling, data collection and visualising.


A first build of the online site (co-designed with the community), a 100 day launch campaign, a report of the projects findings and a framework for phase two – to look at rolling out the site to the wider community.


Mapify will be rolling out a second phase of the site, focusing on further development of our impact measurements and indicators and building an online process for funding distribution. Alongside working closely with working groups and the council to develop an online engagement framework that can be applied to all sectors, ensuring for a more transparent redevelopment process.