Mapify  were very thorough in contacting and explaining the complex background to the project with local residents, business owners and community groups – this has really helped to improve public perception of the development in the local community.
We found Mapify great to work with – they were able to deal with all aspects of the public consultation process including making contact with local residents, councillors and business owners; graphic design of presentation materials and website; arranging meeting and exhibition venues

Anne Wynne, SUSD


SUSD and Upper Clapton Ltd.


To gather local opinions on new plans for the redevelopment of the Old Tram Depot in Hackney to help inform the planning process. To put forward recommendations on how the commercial spaces should be used based on community feedback. To open up the process of engagement with the community and make the planning process more accessible.


Provided an accessible platform for the community, architects and developers to have and maintain open dialogue with each other. We held a HackShop, produced an exhibition of plans and created a website that displayed interactive plans and a space for community members to comment on them.

We also produced an exhibition that played tribute to the sites history and told the stories of the community that had made use of the site for the last 30 years. We are now in the process of producing a book of the works from this show. This exercise gave the community a sense of ownership over the site and its history.

Planning consent for this historic site has been a contentious issue for the past 14 years. The team saw the need to help rebuild relationships between the community and developers so both sides could be heard and some understanding reached.


We built community confidence in the developers and established trust


We will keep working towards inclusive and accessible consultation. See our report website to find out more about the project